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About Us

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Welcome to DrJeweler.com. We specialize in creating one of a kind luxury jewellery and small run fine jewelry. Family owned and opperated for over 30 years, servicing the local Western New York and Downtown Buffalo area.

Designing and manufacturing is completed in house. All items are made to order. Learn about our design and manufacturing process.

Most jewelry pieces are an extension of timeless emotions. As a top tier crafstman, I do my best to ensure that those meanins extend from your generation to the next..

Why DrJeweler?
Well, simply put, Vong can make and fix anything jewelry related. This is why we call him the “Doctor” of jewelry, hence our company name DrJeweler. When ordering from us, know that Vong is the one making your jewelry and double checking it for perfection. Often times you will hear customers say to their friends “If you break a prong come see Vong”.

About our master bench jeweler
Vong (short for Vongsack) is well known as the top bench jeweler in western new york area. His past experience includes mass production of jewelry lines for some of the top brand names and jewelry stores across the US. Once opening up a custom based jewelry shop, he has transitioned his focus to one of a kind artwork. Rest assured that his 30 years of experience in the industry is top notch. His love for this job is what drives him to create jewelry made just for you.