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Idea, Design, Create

Just how you want it

We pride ourself in helping each and every customer in creating the perfect jewelry piece that fits their lifestyle and budget. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options and designs available. 

In most cases, yes we can make it!

Have skin allergies? Need a certain gem color or quality? Want a certain metal finish? Have a plus size finger? No problem. We will work with you to make sure everything is just perfect.

How Its Made

Here at DrJeweler.com, we utilize traditional and new age jewelry making techniques. Come on by to consult with Vong about a piece of jewelry that you would like to get made. We are here to help you meet your design goals while keeping things with in your budget.

It all starts with an idea, sketch or photos of something you like. From there, Vong will consult with you, about your requirements. We’ll show you sample precious metal finishes, go over gemstones, stone setting types and explain the whole process design and manufacturing process to you.

Once your vision is in Vong’s head he can hand carve a piece of art using jewelry wax. Or we can have it designed using the latest CAD (computer aided design) software. Most times we get it spot on, in the first or second try. If not, we offer two minor revisions in our design approval process.

After the approval of a design, we will create a wax protoype: carved by Vong’s hand, using a CNC machine, or the latest in 3D jewelry wax printer technology. We then take your wax prototype and start lost wax casting process.

When the casting is done, Vong will set any stones if needed. Prong set, channel set, invisble settings, etc… Vong can do it all. Large or small, each stone setting is made to last for up to two years under normal wear.

The last step is finishing the art piece to your desired finish. Pre-finishing prior to stone setting is also done via abbrasive media or magnetic tumbling. A high polish from our polshing equipment will give you that show room gleam. Rhodium plating will be applied if necessary at the end.



1hr – 4hrs
During our one on one consultation, we will determine your budget, build materials, sizes. From there we can start choosing styles guidelines that our designer will follow. Photos of similar jewelry items you like will help speed this process.



1 week
True handmade items will start with a sketch and then hand carved into wax model. For more precise and complex designs, we prefer to use CAD (computer aided design) software and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) machines to create a wax model.


1 week
Using the lost wax process, we will cast your approved wax model into the precious metal of your choice.  From there the finishing and stone setting process begins.